Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How To Paint Pop Art Purses


These purses are painted on heavy water color paper in acrylic for vibrant colors
The purses have simple lines and lots of character

How to paint purses
Use a #10 brush
Paint background color of your choosing
(Mine is a sunset yellow and white mixture)
Use a watercolor pencil and draw a circle and triangle base and straps.
Don't worry if its not perfect. You want it to look hand drawn.

Paint pretty pink. Let dry a minute or two.

Use a #8 round brush
 Add a swirl of white starting in the center of the purse.

Give it a professional touch using a black outline 

When it is complete dry use a liner brush and outline the purse in black

Wa La
You painted a Pop Art Purse 

The size shown is 4" x 6"
That is called Mini Art if you plan to sell yours on eBay
Lots of folks collect Mini Art and it sells very well

I love the torn edges when i use this style of paper.
 It gives the painting a natural, modern parchment look and feel.

Give it a try!