Wednesday, September 17, 2014

About Me Kate Bangs

Thank you for looking at my art work
I loaded some pictures of my work so you can get a feel of my style. I love creating art and teaching
Interior painting, faux finishes and murals. Periwinkle Painter with Nancy Parkinson for the past ten years. I also taught furniture painting at Andy's Chest in Nashua and Dreams faux Phyld in Nashua. My group sizes ranged from 6-10 people.  I am a contract artist for many antique gallery style shops.

 E-Book Author 
How to Decoupage Flea Market Finds
How to Decoupage Vintage Romantic Furniture
How to Paint Rose Basic Beginner
How to Decoupage Botanical Garden Furniture
How to Paint Rose Christmas Ornaments
How to Paint Hydrangea and Roses Bridal train case
How to Paint Vintage Rose Mailboxes
U-Print Collage Sheets Papers in the Attic

 Self taught graphic artist.
I love working on my websites, blogs, taking photos, and creating e magazine, digital collage sheets, vintage images, and labels 

How I got started
I worked as a nurse when I was first married. When I began to have children. I longed to be a stay at home mom. A friend invited me to a craft painting class. I took the very little bit I learned added it to furniture and turned it into a successful business. I Gave up nursing and became a happy stay at home working mom.

 Share with other who want to learn
I share a rose lessons on my YouTube channel. 
One of my rose lessons has over 200,000 hits and still gets subscribers almost daily.

Kate Bangs Sasha Bangs Nancy Parkinson
working as Periwinkle Painters.
Painted Sky Ceiling and Sun Yellow Walls
Home owner loved it. So did we!!


A piece of my romantic rose vintage furniture
This is a You tube Video on Kate Bangs Channel

 Painted Furniture Shop Dreams Faux Phyld

 E-Book How to Decoupage Flea Market Finds

E Book How to paint Rose Christmas Ornaments

E Book Decoupage Botanical Furniture

This is a hand painted table that I turned into a decoupage lesson.
This is a good lesson if a student wants to
 learn to make vintage reclaimed furniture.

 E Book Vintage Papers in the Attic 
Vintage printable images for creating Altered Art

 Thank you for looking at my work.

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