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About Me Kate Bangs

Thank you for looking at my art work
I loaded some pictures of my work so you can get a feel of my style. I love creating art and teaching
Interior painting, faux finishes and murals. Periwinkle Painter with Nancy Parkinson for the past ten years. I also taught furniture painting at Andy's Chest in Nashua and Dreams faux Phyld in Nashua. My group sizes ranged from 6-10 people.  I am a contract artist for many antique gallery style shops.

 E-Book Author 
How to Decoupage Flea Market Finds
How to Decoupage Vintage Romantic Furniture
How to Paint Rose Basic Beginner
How to Decoupage Botanical Garden Furniture
How to Paint Rose Christmas Ornaments
How to Paint Hydrangea and Roses Bridal train case
How to Paint Vintage Rose Mailboxes
U-Print Collage Sheets Papers in the Attic

 Self taught graphic artist.
I love working on my websites, blogs, taking photos, and creating e magazine, digital collage sheets, vintage images, and labels 

How I got started
I worked as a nurse when I was first married. When I began to have children. I longed to be a stay at home mom. A friend invited me to a craft painting class. I took the very little bit I learned added it to furniture and turned it into a successful business. I Gave up nursing and became a happy stay at home working mom.

 Share with other who want to learn
I share a rose lessons on my YouTube channel. 
One of my rose lessons has over 200,000 hits and still gets subscribers almost daily.

Kate Bangs Sasha Bangs Nancy Parkinson
working as Periwinkle Painters.
Painted Sky Ceiling and Sun Yellow Walls
Home owner loved it. So did we!!


A piece of my romantic rose vintage furniture
This is a You tube Video on Kate Bangs Channel

 Painted Furniture Shop Dreams Faux Phyld

 E-Book How to Decoupage Flea Market Finds

E Book How to paint Rose Christmas Ornaments

E Book Decoupage Botanical Furniture

This is a hand painted table that I turned into a decoupage lesson.
This is a good lesson if a student wants to
 learn to make vintage reclaimed furniture.

 E Book Vintage Papers in the Attic 
Vintage printable images for creating Altered Art

 Thank you for looking at my work.

Contact Info
K Bangs email

Harvest Apple Bench with Birds Nest

Some time ago, I did some volunteering at a local kitchen.
At the end of the day as a thank you, I received a harvest box of not so perfect perfectly good apples.
After drying my apples in the dehydrator, I was inspired to paint an apple themed water bench.

I painted it white and crackled the wood using an under coating of Elmers Glue. After that dried, I painted some ripe apples leaves and twigs with a birds nest accent on the front.
I love how it came out.



 Angel Art Cards
What Is Art Cards and A.C.E.O  

Cat are smart and Funny
 Paint Your Cat in a Window 

How To Paint Driftwood Fish Book

Just finishing up my latest eBook How-To-Paint Driftwood Fish.I have painted these funny little fish from Cape Cod to Maine and I am always pleased with the responses people give me when they see them. This book will cover everything you need to know about painting and decorating wood you harvest from the sea shore or river bank.

When you learn the technique of how to paint my fish, you'll find that it is fun and easy and when you are finished, each one will have it's own silly sparkling personality. 

Not only do I write about this art, I alway enjoy teaching in small groups

 Here is a photo of a couple of talented young students in York, Maine
Some of my students 
What a great time we had and what an awesome job they did!!!

Paint Your Cat in a Window

Cat on a window sill with a cup of tea and books
Cat art is wonderfully fun and very popular

 There are millions of cat lovers all over the world.
This is a theme I have painted for many shop owners.
It is a very sweet theme because you can easily personalize.
You can change the color of the cat and the titles of the books

Some of book titles I like to use:
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Fish Soup for the Soul
College Catolog
People Watching 101

The cat can be drinking tea, wine or a martini
So Fun!

There are also picture of other windows for you to enjoy.

Smarty Cat
Tuscany Scene

Garden Window

How To Paint Pop Art Purses


These purses are painted on heavy water color paper in acrylic for vibrant colors
The purses have simple lines and lots of character

How to paint purses
Use a #10 brush
Paint background color of your choosing
(Mine is a sunset yellow and white mixture)
Use a watercolor pencil and draw a circle and triangle base and straps.
Don't worry if its not perfect. You want it to look hand drawn.

Paint pretty pink. Let dry a minute or two.

Use a #8 round brush
 Add a swirl of white starting in the center of the purse.

Give it a professional touch using a black outline 

When it is complete dry use a liner brush and outline the purse in black

Wa La
You painted a Pop Art Purse 

The size shown is 4" x 6"
That is called Mini Art if you plan to sell yours on eBay
Lots of folks collect Mini Art and it sells very well

I love the torn edges when i use this style of paper.
 It gives the painting a natural, modern parchment look and feel.

Give it a try!

Painted Grape Vines in Kitchen

Grape Vines Painting Job

Inspired by a homeowner's plate purchased during a trip to Italy

Kate holding the plate

Nancy painting vines

Nancy took a picture so you can see how light and airy the free style painting is

How to Paint a Rose on Furniture Lesson

I love painting roses. It takes a little practice but this hand made video will show you how fast and easy you can paint 

This is a wholesale art piece I made for a shop owner.

I like to paint outside when it is warm. So, it is a very shabby video with kids playing and airplanes going by.

This was made with a flip camera so its not perfect, just like me :); but it has over 200,000 views on my Kate Bangs You Tube channel and it has helped students learn the romantic art of rose painting all around the world.

I hope you enjoy this lesson!

Below are pictures of items I painted that weekend
to be delivered to the shop

Decoupage Vintage Furniture

A very easy Decoupage Lesson

You can decoupage any piece of old furniture and make it look like a beautiful custom bedroom set

Decoupage is fast easy and fun!

Here is a sample page

The lesson has How to Paint Furniture steps and 
pages of my hand painted florals,
which you print out and decoupage to your furniture

FOR MORE info, email me at