Monday, May 27, 2013

How To Make and Can Organic Tomato Soup

Can tomato soup for pennies a jar.
Want a secret source for super inexpensive fruits and veggies?? Check out the discount veggie racks at Market Basket in Hudson, NH.

Just take a look at this bargain. I got a 9 pack of ORGANIC tomatoes for only 49 cents a pound. My total cost was only $5.84. That's an incredible saving for 12 lbs of the most expensive tomatoes in the world!

I'm going to use every bit skin and all to make Organic Tomato Soup this is so much better than canned soup and you won't believe how easy it is.
Here's my easy tasty recipe for Organic Tomato Soup:
1.  Wash and remove any stickers  
2.  Place tomotoes; seeds, skin and all in blender or food processor until liquified 

3.  Pour into large pot on stove; heat - low to medium. Soup is frothy at this stage but not to
     worry, it will darken to a deep rich red in a few hours

4.  Add sea salt to taste. 

Congrats, you are finished.

I made two big pots of tomato soup with this sales bargain.
I'll serve some now and can the rest and have it on the shelf ready to eat when I want a healthy, low cal, no carb meal.